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Paula Kanani Weeks


I embrace the role of an adoptive mother to three remarkable teenagers, each with a unique journey into our family. Two of them have graced our lives since infancy with domestic adoptions, while the third became an integral part of our family at the age of 12, transitioning from an international orphanage. My fervor for the realm of adoption is profound, a passion cultivated through firsthand experiences with open adoption and an extensive study of the diverse perspectives and voices within the adoption constellation.

I have a great joy for photography, managing my own entrepreneurial venture, and crafting unique compositions. This endeavor not only nourishes my artistic spirit but also enables me to forge meaningful human connections with my clients, both in the realms of photography and coaching. The essence of human connection holds great significance for me. I firmly believe it to be an essential element for personal growth and necessary to thrive in healthy open adoption relationships.


My deep-rooted Christian faith, a cornerstone in my life, profoundly influences my family dynamics and entrepreneurial ventures. Embracing my imperfections, I draw guidance and strength from scripture, particularly Ether 12:27 (Book of Mormon), shaping my journey of growth and understanding. Throughout my life, the desire to embrace motherhood has been a steadfast aspiration. The unforeseen challenge of infertility profoundly impacted me and became one of my greatest trials. Navigating this complex journey was a struggle, marked by plunges in my mental health. Yet, these experiences have propelled me to where I am now—a place of learning to love God, nurture self-love, and extend abundant love to others grounded in this philosophy.


On a lighter note, I hold an intriguing quirk—my penchant for even numbers, which affords a sense of tranquility to my mind. Fun fact, I am the middle child among seven biological siblings, raised in a military household that fostered my love for travel through diverse experiences across the globe.


Certified Life Coach & Wellness Coach

Certified Life Coach | Certified Wellness Coach | Open Adoption Coach | Fitness Coach (ACE Certification)

Paula Kanani Weeks is a dedicated and experienced coach with a profound commitment to fostering healing and growth within the adoption community. With over 17 years of expertise in open adoptions and a personal journey as an adoptive mother of three, Paula possesses a unique understanding of the adoption triad. Her journey as a Certified Life Coach, Certified Wellness Coach, and Fitness Coach with ACE Certification has allowed her to integrate her passion for wellness and personal development into her coaching practice.


Credentials & Expertise:

Paula's comprehensive background includes:

  • Certified Life Coach & Wellness Coach (Symbiosis Coaching School): Equipped with the knowledge and skills to guide individuals towards a balanced and fulfilling life.

  • Open Adoption Coach: Specialized in navigating the complexities of open adoptions, ensuring the well-being of both adoptive and birth families.

  • Fitness Coach (ACE Certification): Empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

  • TBRI Educated (Texas Christian University, Karyn Purvis): Utilizing Trust-Based Relational Intervention to support individuals and families in their unique adoption journeys.

Extensive Experience:

Paula's 17 years of experience in open adoptions, coupled with her own personal journey of adopting domestically and internationally, has provided her with invaluable insights into the adoption process and the dynamics within the adoption constellation.

Author & Advocate:

As a published author with four books and featured publications with The Donaldson Adoption Institute and Love Matters, Paula has amplified her advocacy and influence within the adoption community. Additionally, serving as the Publicity Chair for the Board of Directors for her local children's museum allows her to contribute her expertise through writing articles for their blog and local newspaper. Paula is also an illustrator for children's books, using her composite photography skills.

Holistic Coaching Approach:

Paula employs her unique coaching approach, using her B.E.S.T. Life model and L.I.T.E. Mind mapping method, to guide individuals and families towards their best lives. She delves into the core of issues, promoting healing and personal growth.

Podcast Appearances:

Paula has been featured on three different podcasts, sharing her inspiring open adoption journey and providing valuable insights and guidance to listeners.

Paula Kanani Weeks is dedicated to facilitating transformative change, offering guidance, and fostering healing within the adoption community. Her holistic approach, personal experience, and extensive expertise make her a trusted coach for individuals and families navigating the intricate landscape of adoption.

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