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Podcast appearances

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FundingLove Podcast

Paula is also an adoption life coach, a photographer, author, speaker and business partner with my husband’s Neurofeedback clinic. She is the middle child of 7, and grew up in the military, traveling the world. She is a self-help junkie, with books, podcasts and research. Before becoming a life coach, Paula owned a couple fitness centers, where she coached people to better health and a more positive mindset about their health. Still a gym rat, her focus now is helping families in the adoption triad.

A Act of Love Podcast

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Paula is a loving and nurturing mom to three incredible children, all of whom she has welcomed into her life through adoption. Her story is both heartwarming and compelling, as she has experienced the joys and challenges of two domestic infant adoptions as well as one international orphan adoption. Paula's story doesn't stop there. She's not only a devoted mother but also a certified life coach. Her passion for helping others navigate the intricate world of adoption is truly commendable. With her background in life coaching, Paula is on a mission to extend her knowledge and expertise to individuals involved in the adoption triangle—birth parents, adoptive parents, and adopted children alike.

During our podcast episode, Paula shares her personal journey, filled with heartfelt anecdotes, and offers insights into her experiences with open adoption. Her wisdom and understanding of the complexities of adoption will surely resonate with our listeners, whether they are directly involved in adoption or simply curious to learn more about this beautiful process.

Paula's dedication to supporting families and individuals touched by adoption is beautiful!

Sick Moms Podcast

Paula and her husband couldn’t have children biologically so they made the decision to adopt, each in an open adoption. She explains what that means and shares her book Human Connection, From An Open Adoption Journey; available on Amazon

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